Sheep-N-Show - Shear Entertainment Performing a Shearing Demo at a School

Greg and Mandy

This skilled and difficult job is demonstrated in a fun and easy to understand manner. Tools of the trade are carefully explained, and many varieties of wool and hair are on display as a teachers resource. Children get the chance to touch a freshly shorn sheep and cuddle
a lamb (in season).

Children get to see and understand spinning - the link between shearing and woolly jumpers.
Mandy Spinning
A farm could not operate without intelligent sheep dogs - under strict command they'll leave you amazed. Enjoy sheep dog fun and facts while Greg and Mandy's trained sheep dogs are put through the paces.
Greg with his Sheep Dogs
Live Indoor Sheep Shows at your School

School Children Enjoying the Show 60 plus minute shows combining fun-filled entertainment and education delivered personally and professionally by Greg Clark.

With over 20 years experience visiting schools throughout New Zealand, many of you will know Greg and Mandy well.

Their reputation for presenting shows in a totally entertaining, yet educational way is one they are proud of and strive very hard to maintain with every show.

School visits can be tailored to suit different age groups - Greg and Mandy guarantee they can even keep your juniors enthralled!

  • Sheep-N-Show comes to your school - no transport or parent help needed.

  • Shows are held indoors so there are no weather problems.

  • Shows fit into many school curriculum subjects including:
    sheep farming, fibres, and animal welfare.

  • Entertainment and education - an effective way of learning.

  • Only requirement is the use a normal household type power source.

  • Your school hall or gym will be left as clean as it is found.

Price: $3 incl GST per child (minimum $400 per visit)

For bookings and more information please contact Greg and Mandy.

Give us a bleat... Greg and Mandy
Phone 021 041 2903

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